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What we’re about

bob@burnbox:~$> sudo apt-get upgrade cha-ha


Checking Sources.......

Cha-Ha-1.0 found

Cha-Ha-1.0 downloading and installing......

Initalizing Cha-Ha engine................

Welcome to Cha-Ha - Charlotte Hackers! A Redteam/Pentester Social and Training group

Upgrade Complete!

bob@burnbox:~$> cat Disclaimers

• Cha-HA is a "Red Team" social and training group.

• Organizers and teachers of Cha-HA are not compensated financially for their time. The do this simply because they enjoy the topic and like to share.

• Some of the skills and tools taught at Cha-HA meetings can be used for malicious purposes.

• Cha-HA organizers and teachers only condone and encourage responsible and lawful use of such skills and tools.


bob@burnbox:~$> cat CodeOfConduct

• I will treat all other members respectfully during Cha-HA events.

• I will not use tools and skills shared at Cha-HA for unlawful purposes.

• If I ignore the previous point and get caught in an unlawful act then it is nobody's fault but mine.


bob@burnbox:~$> cat Partners

• Austin Hackers Anonymous

• CarolinaCon

• Charlotte ISSA

• BSides Charleston

• BSides Charlotte

• BSides Asheville

• 49th Security Division, UNCC

• LockFale

• Reforge Charleston

• Charleston InfoSec Group