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What we’re about

Charlotte Real Estate Investors Association(Charlotte REIA) is a club for real estate investors, real estate entrepreneurs and other real estate professionals who invest in Charlotte real estate for fun and profit and are dedicated to the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

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Charlotte REIA’s mission is to help insure our members real estate success by providing affordable, quality real estate investing education, frequent, fun real estate networking opportunities and community outreach programs to build, renovate and repair homes for needy Charlotte families and improve our local community.

“Buying property has always been a great way to earn extra money and build long term wealth” says Linda Dana, one of the founders of Charlotte REIA. Says Dana, “The challenge is that most people need ongoing education and support to be successful. Unfortunately, they haven’t had a lot of choices in the past as to where to get it here locally. That’s why we formed Charlotte REIA.”

The Charlotte real estate market is unique. Charlotte REIA's primary focus is to provide active and new investors all of the education, support and other tools necessary to actually make money right here in this area. Dana points out “We are different because we put the emphasis on sharing and teaching real-life strategies and techniques that are making local people money right now. This is critical because making money is the reason why most people get involved in investment property. Local investors don’t want to know what strategies worked two years ago in California, they want to know what’s working right now, right here in their backyard, and they want to learn it from other people who are successfully doing it locally themselves.”

Join us at any of our Charlotte REIA Meetings and meet and network fellow real estate investors near you! Come to a meeting to discuss properties on the market, contracts, mortgages and anything else about land and realty. All are welcome at Charlotte REIA.

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