What we're about

Hello and welcome! Charlotte Show and Tell is a new group designed to give you an opportunity to share something - anything - with a group of open-minded and receptive people. It's basically show and tell for grown ups. Generally, meetings will entail a small get together in a casual venue, with each person getting the floor for around 10 minutes to present (although not everyone has to share). You can bring something tangible to show, or simply just talk about something. Presentations will be quick and informal, although sometimes we may have themes or featured speakers, in which case the meetings may be structured differently. Here are some examples of things you can share:

-Your business/product: market it, find customers and recruit employees
-Your new car: ins and outs of ownership, recommendations
-Your job: what you do, likes/dislikes, career advice
-Your event: parties/fundraisers/performances
-Your meetup group: describe it and recruit members
-Your tech gadgets: smart phones, watches, homes, etc.
-Your outfit: where you got it, what it's about
-Achievements: sports trophies, career awards, educational milestones, etc.
-A lifestyle choice: vegetarianism, van life, survivalism, etc.
-An app idea: get feedback and ideas for features
-A book/movie/restaurant review
-Travel abroad experience
-A painting/poem/work of art
-Life hacks: saving money, traveling, socializing
-Cooking: recipes and tips
-Hobbies and interests: digital arts, caving, origami, camping, meditation, etc.

Why CS&T?

-Practice your public speaking
-Market your business or product
-Get feedback on your ideas
-Meet like-minded people
-Get recognized for your achievements
-Give and get advice
-Learn a large variety of things
-Grow your social media following
-Influence others and have an impact
-Be heard and make your opinion matter
-Find guests for your event
-It's FREE!!

All are welcome.

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