What we're about

This group is currently not scheduling any meetups due to lack of interest and my time constraints. If more people sign up and there is interest I will schedule another meeting in the future. Original description below:


This is a group for anyone interested in understanding and working with cryptocurrencies.

Banks, governments, organizations of all sizes, and individuals all use money to align peoples actions and goals. As the needs and goals of individuals and the world change, our financial markets and institutions are evolving new tools to organize people and act towards those goals. One of the most promising of these technologies is the blockchain - a public, decentralized, verifiable database - that currently underpins the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. But there are more cryptocurrencies than Bitcoin, and more uses for the blockchain than currencies. Interested to learn more? I'm excited to explore the possibilities together.

My tentative goals for the group:

1. Meet up to learn about the basics of cryptocurrencies through it's most famous implementation, Bitcoin.

2. Explore the many other applications blockchain technology can host, and how it will be disruptive in fields beyond finance.

3. Find ways to support those in the group who want to work directly and indirectly with the technology.

4. And finally a stretch goal - creating a local cryptocurrency, to which I have given the working name of C'bills, to foster local economies and support local artists and businesses. There's no better way to learn than to try to do it yourself (or with an awesome group).

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