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Have you had:

A prophetic dream?

Deja vu?

Past life memory?

An out-of-body or near death experience?

A dream with a departed loved one?

A sense that you have lived before?

Seen an inner blue or white light?

Heard an inner sound?

Experienced a sign of Divine guidance?

Do you find yourself wanting to talk about your experience but you fear others may not understand you?

If you answered "yes" to any of the questions listed above or you would like to know more about these experiences, then this is the Meetup for you!

Meet with other people who have had similar experiences. Come share your stories or learn new and advanced ways of exploring your inner worlds!

Our group is open to people of all faiths and cultures.

This free meetup group is sponsored by the Virginia Satsang Society, Inc., a chartered affiliate of Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom as a community service. Eckankar is a path of Divine Love. For more resources offered by Eckankar, please visit http://www.eckankar.org. To visit the "Eckankar in Virginia" website: www.eck-virginia.org.

The statements made in this class are solely those of the class members and the Organizer and are not those of ECKANKAR or the spiritual leader of ECKANKAR, the Mahanta, the Living ECK Master, Sri Harold Klemp.

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An ECKANKAR Soul Adventure: Oct 23 - Nov 30, 2020

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“One who is thankful for every good thing will find the richness of heaven in the humblest detail of his spiritual life. The window of gratitude opens to us the heavens of God.” —Harold Klemp, Spiritual Leader of Eckankar You are invited to an Online ECKANKAR Soul Adventure Seminar! Embark upon a virtual spiritual adventure both personal and profound as you explore the transformative possibilities of the Power of Gratitude—a secret to spiritual living that can help you live a rich and fulfilling life. Enjoy a constellation of specially recorded presentations to inspire you and your family, as you chart a course for your highest spiritual destiny. New to Eckankar? Be our guest and enjoy complimentary registration. Visit ECKSoulAdventure.org to register and see the seminar program. You will receive a login password allowing you to access the event between October 23, 2020 at 8:00 a.m. and November 30, 2020 at 11:30 p.m. (central time). A gift of greater awareness awaits you!

Experience HU: The Sound of Soul

The English Inn

Your loving presence is welcomed! This event is open to anyone of any religion, culture or walk of life. Experience HU--The Sound of Soul Events offer the opportunity to sing HU, a prayer song to God; engage in spiritual conversation; and meet others of like heart who share a desire to explore their own connection with God or Divine Spirit. You’re invited to experience singing HU, an ancient spiritual mantra, which has been practiced for thousands of years in many lands. Overview 1. Warm Welcome 2. Facilitator reads an inspiring quote 3. We will sing HU with love for about 15-20 minutes. (HU is pronounced like the word hue) 4. Quiet contemplation time of about 2-5 minutes 5. Finally, you will have the opportunity for spiritual conversation in a welcoming and respectful atmosphere. We hope that you will join us for this uplifting event which is sponsored by Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom. Discover:  Inner peace & calm  Spiritual self-discovery & growth  Divine love  Expanded awareness  Healing of the heart  A release of fears  Spiritual protection  An awakening of your own spiritual knowledge  An opening of your heart  Past life memories  Soul Travel experiences  An opening of the spiritual senses  Dream recall  Divine guidance To hear the Sound of Soul: www.hearHU.org or download the Eckankar "HU" app on your smartphone. Try a 30 day program of singing HU for 20 minutes a day for 30 days. To find out how HU - The Sound of Soul can transform your life: www.MiraclesInYourLife.org, www.thesoundofsoul.org. or see videos at eckankarblog.org/sound-of-soul Sponsored by Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom, www.eckankar.org For other Eckankar events in the Richmond area, www.eck-va.org,[masked], or contact [masked] Presented by the Virginia Satsang Society, Inc., a Chartered Affiliate of Eckankar

ECK Light & Sound Service:

The English Inn

This informal service will be an engaging blend of insightful stories, and contemplative exercises to have your own experience of the spiritual Light and Sound. It is open to anyone of any religion, culture or walk of life. Connect with other people of like-heart. Divine Spirit expresses itself in the world as Light & Sound. Would you like to experience these twin aspects of God's love in your life? They bring wisdom, awareness, and new ways to handle life's challenges. This service offers you the chance to explore your own direct connection with the Divine. Discover more about yourself as Soul, an eternal, creative, spiritual being. Connect with the most sacred part of yourself, receive new insights, and magnify love in your life through the Light and Sound of God. Experience the sacred sound of HU, which can open your heart to divine love, healing, and inner guidance. Topic: "At least once a day, let the Sound and Light of God enliven you with spiritual impulses. Gently chant HU, and the silent wind of God will enter the sacred temple of consciousness in the heart." --Harold Klemp, The Sound of Soul, p. 60 For more information visit our website at: www.eck-virginia.org Sponsored by ECKANKAR, The Path of Spiritual Freedom, www.eckankar.org

"The Flute of God" by Paul Twitchell - FREE public book discussion

You are welcome to join us to share your insights and experiences during this monthly book discussion featuring "The Flute of God" by Paul Twitchell. "The Flute of God" can show you the truth about yourself as Soul: We can look forward to a greater life than merely reliving former experiences, by becoming a conscious Soul handling the environment, body, life, spirit, or whatever you might call the ECK power, and participating in events of our own creation. Then life becomes the pleasure it should be and could have always been. (chapter 1) --Discover the secret of imagination, the divine faculty of Soul which you can use to transform your life. --Learn the seven fundamental spiritual laws which allow you to create your future in harmony with the universal Spirit, for the highest good of all concerned. --If you want to master your destiny and become a conscious Co-worker with God, this book can show you how to do it - by listening to the guidance of Divine Spirit. Eckankar is ancient wisdom for today. Its teachings, which resurfaced in 1965, emphasize the value of personal experiences as the most natural way back to God. Whatever your religious background, they show how to look and listen within yourself - to expand your consciousness and enjoy spiritual freedom. See for yourself - perhaps for the first time - how to lead a happy, balanced, and productive life. And, put daily concerns into loving perspective. Sponsored by Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom For more information: eckankar.org eck-virginia.org

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An ECKANKAR Soul Adventure: Oct 23 - Nov 30, 2020

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