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The English Inn

2000 Morton Dr · Charlottesville

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Regardless of your beliefs or religion, we invite you to join us in trying this simple, 20 minute spiritual exercise. It has helped people of many different faiths experience the presence of God for themselves. This event occurs on the second Sunday of each month from 10:00 am to 10:30 am at The English Inn, 2000 Morton Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22903.

"Throughout the ages, followers of many spiritual traditions have used prayer, the singing of holy words, and meditation to bring themselves closer to God. In the same way, those who have discovered HU, and ancient name for God, sing it for their spiritual upliftment.

"HU is an ancient name for God. It's a love song to God...It represents the love of God for Soul. And we are Soul. It represents the enormous love that the Creator has for ITS creation."

--Harold Klemp, Spiritual leader of Eckankar

"Eckankar teaches that a spiritual essence, the Light and Sound, connects everyone with the Heart of God. This Light and Sound is the ECK, or the Holy Spirit. Direct experience with these twin aspects of God opens the deep spiritual potential within each of us. The Light and Sound purify, uplift, and direct us on our journey home to God.

"Singing HU draws us closer in a state of consciousness to the Divine Being. This is its purpose. It is for those who desire spiritual love, freedom, wisdom, and truth.

"As you sing the name of God (HU)...the bindings and bands that constrain Soul will begin to unwind. Not all at once, but very slowly, at a rate you can understand and accept. As these bindings are released, Soul rises in spiritual freedom." "As Soul, you are like a balloon that rises above the ground. The higher you go, the farther you can see. And the farther you can see, the better you can plan your life."

--Harold Klemp, Spiritual leader of Eckankar

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