ECK Light & Sound Service: Celebrating God's Love for Soul

Every 2nd Sunday of the month

The English Inn

2000 Morton Dr · Charlottesville

How to find us

Ask the front desk for directions to our meeting room.

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This informal service will be an engaging blend of insightful stories, and contemplative exercises to have your own experience of the spiritual Light and Sound. It is open to anyone of any religion, culture or walk of life. Connect with other people of like-heart.

Divine Spirit expresses itself in the world as Light & Sound. Would you like to experience these twin aspects of God's love in your life? They bring wisdom, awareness, and new ways to handle life's challenges. This service offers you the chance to explore your own direct connection with the Divine.
-Discover more about yourself as Soul, an eternal, creative, spiritual being.
-Connect with the most sacred part of yourself, receive new insights, and magnify love in your life through the Light and Sound of God. -Experience the sacred sound of HU, which can open your heart to divine love, healing, and inner guidance.

Topic: The Wave of God

"This is what the teachings of Eckankar are about. This is the great mystery about dream study and Soul Travel. It's learning how to ride, in a metaphorical and a very literal sense, this wave of God, which is the Voice of God. This wave is the creative force that came from God and created all the worlds."
--Harold Klemp, "The Road to Spiritual Freedom", pages 82-83

"At least once a day, let the Sound and Light of God enliven you with spiritual impulses. Gently chant HU, and the silent wind of God will enter the sacred temple of consciousness in the heart."
--Harold Klemp, The Sound of Soul, p. 60

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