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Discuss new language features, popular libraries, recent happenings, projects you are working on, and also help new people learn about the Rust programming language.

#rust on CVille Slack (invite) (https://join.slack.com/t/cville/shared_invite/enQtMzA4ODA1NjA3MzgxLTVkODViMTFjMDk0ODM3ZGUxMzc5MTI2NDA5YmE0NTMzMzkyNDJmZDczZmI4MTg4NTI3YWU0MWU0MGI3M2Y2Mzk)

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Rust, nalgebra, and Fourier Optics

Online event

• Presentation: Rust, nalgebra, and Fourier Optics: Learn how Rust and the linear algebra crate nalgebra can help us understand Fourier Optics.
• Round the room--something to share?

This one hour online meeting will occur once every two weeks (or so--with long breaks in the summer). Its purpose is to present a short fifteen to thirty minute technical topic people can ask questions about and then provide an opportunity for people to share. The meeting is scheduled for an hour, but may end early.

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