• Building Bots with bBot and Slack

    Slack HQ

    Slack is hosting this event, exploring the production side of messaging solutions for teamwork, chat ops and service integrations. Come and learn about the next generation of Slack Apps and hear all the latest Platform news. I will also demo the open source framework I've been working on the last six months, which is moving into beta release. This is a tentative booking - we're trying to set up the event schedules earlier, getting the word out to community and potential contributors. The event details may change as we get closer. Sign in to our Slack community to discuss the event at: http://melbots.chat

  • Therapy & Companion Bots


    Hello Humans! Join us for our August event for a discussion about how Chat and AI technology is transforming psychology. We are excited to have Dr Christine Grové talk about her involvement in developing and piloting Ash, the Monash Chatbot, a companion for at-risk young people in secondary schools. This presentation will discuss how Ash is being developed with young people, tech industry partners, and health care professionals. She will talk about the UX/UI research, how they created Ash's personality and it's character design, finishing with the AI conversation design and content development. This project is funded by the Deans Early Career Researcher Award. Read more about Christine: https://research.monash.edu/en/persons/christine-grove As usual, there will be time for general discussion along with drinks and nibbles… and ✨🏆G I V E A W A Y !! 🏆✨ This year we have proudly partnered with Chatbot Summit and they have kindly given all our members a 15% discount for tickets (code: melchat15). There is also the chance to win a ticket to the October event in Berlin at a value of $700. We will be having a door prize at this meet up event, so stick around for that! As capacity is limited, please RSVP to the August meetup if you are coming, and give up your RSVP if you change your mind. ~ beep boop ~ 🤖💬🧠

  • Chat-ops with Chatbots!

    NAB Village

    Hey humans! Our May event on the topic of using chat and AI to automate tasks, will start at 6pm - Thursday 31st 👏 First we'll hear from Mark Horan, a Developer Support Agent from the Melbourne Slack office, to share an overview of the new Actions feature. Then we're joined by dev-ops evangelist and automation architect John Szasvari, to learn how he automated himself out of his role and is now innovating chat solutions for 8300 staff via half a million daily messages. We'll of course have time for drinks and general discussion too. 🍻 Looking forward to seeing you there. 🤖💬🧠

  • Exploring Conversation Design @ Symplicit


    Hello Humans! We're back again for our bimonthly Meetup, to share our experiences in all things conversational in tech. This event will focus on the experience design side of Conversational UI. Hosted by Symplicit, a strategy and design agency working in the space. We'll hear from one of their senior experience designers, Amy Cleary, as well as Fraser Allison, PhD student at the University of Melbourne Interaction Design Lab. Amy will outline some key principles in Conversation Design, drawn from her own research working in the startup space, as well as from reviewing other people’s conventional research. Fraser will be describing three studies on conversational interactions in video games, and how players react to characters that talk back to them. At our last event, the conversations after the talks were so engaging and went long after the scheduled programming, so this time we'll have more time for that and a tighter schedule for structured talks. Really looking forward to seeing those faces again and meeting some new ones! ___ The capacity of this venue is limited, so if you've RSVPd and can't make it, please consider that and update your attendance.

  • Reboot the bots! The group is resuming events, join us.

    We'll hear talks from practitioners of different skill sets and experience levels, to ensure there's some key takeaways no matter your background. Topics - Applying Natural Language Processing beyond ChatBots | Dheeren Valu - A quick look at conversation design with BotEngine.ai | Sarah Mare - Introduction to building bots for the Slack platform | Benoit Lavigne We'll start with a brief industry news and resources round-up and end with group discussion and feedback session. Please share your thoughts to keep these events relevant and helpful. ___ The group has been dormant a while, so we're restarting it and to some extent broadening the focus to involve more knowledge sharing between the devs, UX and interaction designers and researchers working in the space.

  • Chatbots Melbourne October Meetup

    Collective Campus

    After a short break we are finally ready for our next meetup! Talks: Tim Kinnane (https://www.linkedin.com/in/tim-kinnane-19275113), Product Design Lead @ 4thParty, will talk about a framework for rapid prototyping in hubot he is working on. Leo Gui (https://www.linkedin.com/in/leogui), Founder @ Mitchy, will share his learnings of buildings chatbots and demo the platform he is building. We will also have a few lightning talks. Afterparty will be at Bartronica (335 Flinders Lane ) We are always looking for new speakers, if you are thinking about giving a talk - give us a shout! We have our slack community at https://chatbotsau.slack.com If you need an invite use the following page to join: https://chatbotsau.azurewebsites.net/

  • Facebook Machine Learning Tech Talk


    This event is to share an information about upcoming Facebook Machine Learning event in Melbourne. There will be 2 discussion topics: 1) Machine Learning at Scaling Facebook, Challenges and Lessons Learned 2) A Trillion documents for a Billion search engines Light food and drinks will be provided. You MUST RSVP here to attend the event: http://fbmelbml16.splashthat.com/i ----- P.S. Join our Chatbots Slack community: https://chatbotsau.azurewebsites.net/

  • VentureBeat Botathon

    Revolver Creative

    So, tomorrow morning! :) The last pre-event updates: • Please bring your own laptops, notebooks, gadgets (for me this was obvious but there is no such a thing) • I left the RSVP open for a bit longer as Revolver Creative and their ISP will be providing us with one universal wifi password for the weekend. (Hopefully, the net will be good, what I tested mid-week it was ~50/~50Mbps - but I like plan B's, so would be good if everyone had their prepaid/postpaid mobile data plans handy, just in case ;) • I'll be there from 8:30-ish, please come early rather than late. But no pressure in either case, just you might need to be more initiative (like finding your own way around the Revolver space, if you come later...). Btw, besides the street food options, there is a kitchen upstairs, so you can also bring your own brunches, lunches, etc... • The judges stand on the 3 listed below - but I was again today in touch with a gov rep and a professor. Would love to have people from gov & edu sector joining, even if it was in the last minute. • VentureBeat USA have just informed me (with their privilege of being still due to wake up to Fri, 8th: "We are adding an online component to the Botathon for people who aren't in any of our cities. Looking at the numbers of cities + online, we are now at almost 250 participants. " So, if you have any friends/colleagues/contacts from outside of Melbourne who'd like to help you with your project - please feel free to approach them and change their plans for the weekend ;) With/without all that competition and me questioning if some US participating will be coming with bots they haven't "released" yet but have been working on for weeks and months - well, whatever, I'd personally just focus on the local problems /market / Australian innovation first - and lets see what happens then... :) • Late-comers or people who can only make part-weekend, could still be considered - if find a team who'd be willing to take them onboard :) • Brought the telepresence bot Double v1 (from the other side of Melbourne -teleportation, at least of physical stuff, needs to become a norm soon). It's going to sleep in the box as I'm going to sleep soon too. If anyone likes unboxing and setting up new stuff (as I think, I grew up from this), please come see me tomorrow (but let's not break this thing, please, as I put my personal $600 deposit for it). • Also, anyone with a good DSLR/video-cam and a tripod (or a cameraman friend)? Especially for Sun pitches/demos, judging and announcements. But if not, we all have smartphones and that could be enough too... • My sincere thanks to everyone who has reached out to me with offers of help, there will never be enough thanks to Ren from BlueChilli but also to Hannah and Conrad from Revolver Creative and also Andrew, PK, Ben (Flink Labs), Ralph (OneStopMedia). For me personally this means/shows a lot what like-minded people/community are capable of even on a nano-scale -vs- large business and governments http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-06/turnbull-innovation-ad-campaign-to-cost-taxpayers-28-million/7069950) http://www.smh.com.au/comment/not-so-caring-the-lie-of-the-sharing-economy-20160408-go1lx7.html Anyway, have a good night all and see you in the morning in Prahran... :) --- Less than 2 days in prior updates: • Participation RSVP deadline = lunchtime (12:00pm) of Fri, 8 July Anyone interested in participating after this registration deadline will only be considered on a case by case basis. We have some time zone advantages over the USA, but on Friday afternoon, we'll need to issues everyone accesses for Revolver Creative wifi - and you will get your details upon arrival on Sat am. • TEAM and projects pre-formation is now open at: http://botathon.sparkboard.com/ If anyone has a pre-formed team, or doesn’t want to disclose their idea publicly, or will want the new team members to sign an NDA - please just create a general project, for example: “Nutrition area” and who/what you are looking for - if anything/anyone at all. There will be a possibility to form/join teams on Saturday morning too. The dream team?: http://www.forbes.com/sites/andyellwood/2012/08/22/the-dream-team-hipster-hacker-and-hustler/#[masked]a8 Just an idea or a potential startup business?: https://youtu.be/wwShFsSFb-Y?list=PLTZNT3Bcgb3-KaBCUY-V0yfMj54UsrELb • Judges who are coming for the final project selection on Sunday evening (5pm - 7pm) for prototype demos and pitches of the ideas/business model, the following have confirmed: Shelli K. Trung (https://au.linkedin.com/in/shellitrung) (listed top 100 angel investors, Startup advisor) Richard Celm (https://au.linkedin.com/in/richardcelm) (Small Business & Startup Advisor) Steven Cooper (https://developersteve.com/press-kit/) (Xero Senior Dev Evangelist, Hackathon MC/Mentor/Judge) (1-2 additional might join in the last minute) • Food, drinks, pets, parking, fun... The budget at the moment doesn't allow for any brain food/drinks allowances here but Chapel St and Prahran have open arms for you! ;) (However, we'll do our best for some drinks and food for the judgment time of Sun evening 5pm - 7pm). Revolver Creative is a pet-friendly coworking space but please indicate, by sending Peter Marko a message, if you wish to bring your pet (so he/she doesn't fight with 'mine' Jack or someone's else pet for example ;) Parking shouldn't be a problem in the area, around Prahran Markets (free-but-short or long-but-paid). Also please consider the train and/or bicycle (there are bicycle racks inside of RevolverCreative, see the pics). We'll most likely have a telepresence bot, the Double (v1), to have some fun with, allow some remote participation and preparation for the winning team telepresence in the USA. But only for the weekend, it will need to return to its base on Monday morning. Don't forget to join us on Slack, already lots of ideas and fun starting there, so if you haven't, you are missing out!? :-o https://chatbotsau.azurewebsites.net/ --- Be part of the world's first international hackathon dedicated to messaging bots & Artificial Intelligence. Non-coders, people from other backgrounds like psychology, communication, human behaviour, UX, business, etc., are welcomed too! RSVP if you want to participate. For more information, to post and vote on project ideas, please go to http://botathon.club/ < Please share the link on your social media! :) Learning resources for developers (coders & non-coders): https://github.com/pemoke/botathon If you have any questions, join and ask us on Slack: https://chatbotsau.azurewebsites.net/ There will be follow-up registration, and project leads selection and pre-formation of the teams mid-week. Then, looking forward to seeing you on Saturday in Revolver Creative! Peter Marko (Organiser of Botathon 2016 Melbourne) NB: (Any feedback/suggestions/errors on http://botathon.club/ ? Then please do not hesitate to send me a message ;)

  • Chatbots, Messaging and AI - First Meetup


    It's time for our the very first meetup. Learn how to build chatbots, meet and hangout with people interested in this exciting area. We are kicking off the meetup group with two great talks about building chatbots on various platforms. Talks: • Slack Platform Overview\Slack Chatbots, Mark Horan (https://www.linkedin.com/in/themarkhoran) and Marcelo Hudson (https://www.linkedin.com/in/marcelohudson) from Slack will talk about Slack Platform, its API features and building bots for Slack • Developing Chatbots using Bot Framework, David Burela (https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidburela) from Microsoft will share his experience of building chatbot using Microsoft Bot Framework We are also looking for speakers to present on upcoming meetups. If you have anything in mind just message me. Look forward to seeing you all! Andrew