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Chatt*lab is Chattanooga's only self run makerspace/hackerspace. We're a shared collective of makers that lease a space to make cool things and learn new ways of making things.

For more information about membership, check out: https://wiki.chattlab.org/membership

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Print Club!

Chattlab Makerspace


Join us at 5:30pm on Wednesday, July 21st for a workshop on how to use the printer to make posters, business cards and other materials for your printing needs. Cost is $25 and includes 100 color letter (50 tabloid to 12x18) and 200 Black and White (100 tabloid to 12x18) printouts.

This is a member benefit to ChattLab members that gives members inexpensive access to a high quality printer. If you're not a ChattLab member, it probably wouldn't make sense to you.

Chatt*lab Makerspace Open Meeting

Business Development Center

Yes, we are in operation during the COVID era, but we ask that you wear masks as they are currently required and socially distance from others.

Tuesdays are our open meetings. All in the public are welcome to attend the meeting and get tours of the makerspace after the meeting events.

On the first Tuesday's of the month we give a brief presentation of what has happened over the past month and what things are coming up. Sort of a "current state of things" kinda thing.

On other Tuesdays we have a show and tell and try to do a brief demonstration of some sort. We're always looking for new demo topics, so if you have something that takes 20 minutes or less to present, let us know, or if you have a cool thing you made and want to do a 5 minute show and tell, we'd love to see it.

If you have heard about us and want to see what we're about, show up up a little early between 6pm and 7pm and someone will be there to show you around.

If you want more information about who we are and what we do, check out this link: https://wiki.chattlab.org/about_chattlab

Please be so kind as to RSVP if you are going to make it so we know if someone is coming. Don't worry, you don't get a sales pitch. Most of us are introverted engineers and makers and aren't into sales. We are more interested in talking about cool stuff that we make or that you make.

NOTE! When you show up, go to the side door and ring the doorbell. It might take us a minute or 2 to walk over there to let you in.

State Of the PC-Lab 2021 4th Quarter

Chattlab Makerspace

Let's get together and discuss what we want to do with the PC-Lab Over the next quarter. We will review to-do items and layout.This is a perfect time to discuss needs or changes you would like to make. This quarter I will focus on the layout of the PC-Lab. Would like to get a template of what the PC-Lab looks like in steady state. It does not always have to look like that but should be put back that way when done. Look forward to seeing you in person or online.

New Member Orientation for Chattlab Makerspace

Chattlab Makerspace

For new members, this is a orientation on best practices at the space, general safety procedures and setup on all of our other systems.

New people that are considering becoming a member are welcome to attend as well as they evaluate the space for potential membership.

Members are encouraged to bring a laptop so we can set you up on our accounts such as wiki, and wifi.

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Chatt*lab Makerspace Open Meeting

Business Development Center

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