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Beyond Messy Relationships

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Judy H.
Beyond Messy Relationships


Relationship Clarity: How to make sense of the messes and be real.

This group is for:

Married individuals,
In committed relationships.

Also, you can apply what you'll learn to other relationships:

Wayward adult child.

Here's our format:

1. You can order from Adelles (or bring our own lunch).
2. Introductions.
3. Brief overview of book along with short readings.
4. We'll focus on a particular theme with discussion questions each week.

Weekly Themes:

May 2 - What is a "Messy" or Difficult relationship?
May 9 - What does it mean to be your authentic self?
May 16 - How to use the formula AIR: Awareness, Intentionality, Risks.
May 23 - What is a "Divine Invitation?"
May 30 - Identify your relationship dances.

Be among the first to get inspirational teachings directly from the author of "Beyond Messy Relationships." Attendees have opportunities to buy copies at the meeting. You can be an early reader before official publication date in September .

This is not a therapy group nor a substitute for professional counseling services. I'm a new author with a passion to help others find their authentic selves.
Judy's Professional Services
400 Garden Rd · Chattanooga, TN
How to find us

Park in gravel parking lot and go to Adelle's (Granfalloon) at the Clearstory building.

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