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What we’re about

The mission of Cheer Everywhere is to provide crowd support for endurance runners...EVERYWHERE!

Does the idea of holding up encouraging/funny signs, distributing high fives, and/or playing great music for runners sound incredibly appealing? Are you a runner who has ever experienced fantastic crowd support, and would like to give back? Then this is the group for you!

There are plenty of running groups, and we love them all, but how many cheering groups are there? Running clubs and teams make great cheer squads, but they (rightfully) focus on encouraging their own members to succeed. We're all about generalized cheering - we cheer everywhere for everyone!

We turn dead zones into cheer zones. We turn frowns upside down. We turn the wall into the fast lane. We really like turning things into other things!

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Instagram: @cheereverywhere.jpg

Twitter: @NoDeadZones