What we're about

Hi, thanks for having a read through our group. We're a business based in South West London and we are going to be running a series of talks. These will be based around Mobile Technology, from software development through to strategy and beyond.

Our staff have great experience of working with enterprise sized clients, delivering projects that really make a difference to these organisations. We've also got a number of "friends" of Chelsea Apps who will be appearing over the course of these talks.

Anyone and everyone is welcome. Even if you are just interested in finding out a little bit more. They'll be a talk or two, some questions and afterwards a beer if you'd like. We'd love to meet all our peers from within the industry and if you'd like to come and talk to us about what you've been up to then feel free.

We are going to vary the locations to give everyone a chance to get to the meetings, so keep an eye on the meet-ups to make sure you're clear on the location.



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