WordPress Meetup November Double Helping


For November we will be giving you all a double helping of WordPress goodness! This month we'll have two talks from two of our experienced WordPress users. First up is an introduction to WooCommerce, if you've ever wondered how to sell something online using WordPress you'll love this. Next up is something to take you to the next level on your development journey with WordPress with a talk about using Developer Tools right inside your web browser.

WooCommerce from idea to sale in 30 mins - Ronald Gijsel

Ronald Gijsel has several years of experience with WooCommerce, with around 25 WooCommerce stores created/managed/customised plus many clients trained in managing their WooCommerce site.

In this talk, Ronald will touch on the basics of WooCommerce from installation to making the most of the standard settings, plus some extra tips on setting up WooCommerce including:

• Ideas, Planning and Installation

• What are Product types, Attributes and Variations?

• Postage and Shipping Classes

• Checkout and Payment Status’ Customisation, shortcodes, UX improvements, tracking settings on Analytics

• Q&A

Level: Beginner +

Developer tools tips and tricks - Ross Wintle

Ross is a freelance website developer, communications consultant and accidental WordPress expert who helps organisations use technology to make the world better.

Did you know that inside your web browser is a secret toolkit that lets you test websites on mobile devices, do performance and security checks, tweak designs, de-bug code and take screenshots of pages? If you didn't, then Ross will gently introduce you to the developer tools. If you did then you might learn some advanced dev tools tricks.

Level: Beginner +