Creating a child theme & protecting your site from hackers and vulnerabilities


Making and Using a Child Theme by Stilman

Stilman has come to using WordpPress via the publishing business. He used to create books from
scratch using authors’ own files.
His background is in database work including database publishing, automatic publishing and bespoke publications.
Presently, Stilman works as a “webmaster”, essentially doing the same things he did in his
publishing work. He has created simple html/css/php sites and a number of WP installations.

Going to the dark side, they have cookies with Tim Nash

Tim is the WordPress Platform Lead & Developer advocate. He is responsible for the management of the WordPress platform and keeping thousands of sites running fast and staying secure. He is also known to give the odd talk here and there and when he can blog and appear randomly on Youtube. Tims own site is and he writes about everything from security to home automation with a healthy dose of WordPress and humour.

Everyone should be a little bit worried about security of their site, and at conferences lots of security talks focus on practical steps people can take. In this talk Tim will flip the norms and instead focus on several real examples of sites being hacked but from the attackers perspective. We will see the whole attacks from the bad actors view identifying targets, analysing vulnerable sites, adding payload, exploiting in doing so showing how sites are infected, how some tools do prevent certain attacks and how clever and indeed not so clever bad actors can circumvent lots of hardening done.

Each step we can analyse what could have been put in place to prevent and frustrate the attack and then look at how this can be implemented on your site.