WordPress, Mental Health in the Community & Gutenberg Development


We are delighted to invite you along to our monthly WordPress meetup.

We open at 7:00 pm, we aim to get our first speaker underway at 7:30 pm, this gives everyone enough time to arrive, get a drink and mingle. If you are new don't worry, we will keep a friendly eye open for you and introduce you to the others so you'll feel welcome.

This evening we will have 2 speakers and each talk will be followed by any questions you may have for the speaker. There is a short break between each talk so you will have plenty of time to top up your refreshments and/or take a break.

Things usually come to a close at around 9:30 pm when you will still have time to mingle and chat if you so wish.

Here's what's on the agenda....

* 7:30pm
* Gutenberg: Where do we start?
* with Nicola Heald
* Skill Level: Intermediate

Hello! I'm Nicola Heald, professional developer and tall person. I started writing PHP back in version 3, and have done development and sysadmin roles at companies like Canonical, HP, IBM, and I'm now at Automattic, uncovering horrible edge-case bugs in JavaScript and PHP. I like chocolate, Radiohead, the ukulele, and efficient Continuous Integration pipelines. JavaScript is cool. PHP's ubiquitousness is awesome. There's little more beautiful than a well optimised SQL query.

This talk will take you through the easiest way to get started making Gutenberg blocks in minutes.

We'll cover:

* Writing your first React components.
* The structure of a block.
* The easiest way to get a development environment set up.
* Writing a block - line by line!
* The best resources Nicola's found to get going - the ones that took her from having very basic JavaScript knowledge to contributing to the core of Gutenberg!

* 8:30pm
* WordPress, Mental Health in the Community
* with Dan Maby
* Applicable to all

Dan is a director at Blue 37 – a WordPress specialist agency. He’s also the founder & trustee of WP&UP – a charity that supports & promotes positive mental health within the WordPress community.

You’ll find him organising WordCamps and Meetups throughout the UK. He thrives on business development and project management, as well as having a passion for seeing success within others.

Let’s have an honest discussion about the challenges of running your WordPress business. Building your own business, no matter what size, can be one of the most rewarding, satisfying and freeing experiences you’ve ever encountered. It can also be one of the most terrifying, isolating and lonely roads to take.

Having successfully started, developed and sold businesses, Dan has first-hand experience of both the positive and negative impacts on his mental health.

Dan will talk candidly about some of his experiences and giving you some insight into his decision to launch the charity: WP&UP.

WP&UP supports & promotes positive mental health within the WordPress community.