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The Power of Progressive Enhancement & Taking Flight with Tailwind CSS

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Elliott R. and 2 others
The Power of Progressive Enhancement & Taking Flight with Tailwind CSS


We are delighted to invite you along to our monthly WordPress meetup.

We meet from 7 pm and aim to get our first speaker underway at around 7.30 pm, this gives everyone enough time to arrive, get a drink and help themselves to the sandwiches provided. If you're a newcomer don't worry, we'll keep a friendly eye open for you and introduce you to the others so you'll feel welcome.

This evening will have 2 presentations each followed by questions. Between presentations, we'll take a short break followed by the closing remarks to finish the meetup. Things usually come to a close at around 9.45 pm but you will still have time to mingle and chat if you so wish.

Here's what's on the agenda...

* 7.30pm
* The Power of Progressive Enhancement
* with Andy Bell
* Skill Level: Intermediate

We dive into why progressive enhancement is important and how we can leverage the power of Vanilla JavaScript, Web Components and modern CSS to deliver a hack-free, lightweight and progressive experience for our users.

About Andy Bell

An independent designer and front-end developer with a focus on progressive enhancement and accessibility.

@hankchizljaw /

* 8:45pm
* Taking Flight with Tailwind CSS
* with Oliver Davies
* Skill Level: Intermediate

An introduction to utility class and component-based styling, and how to soar with Tailwind CSS.

Things we’ll cover:

• Advantages and disadvantages to utility based styling and Tailwind.
• How to install Tailwind and add it to your build process.
• How to customise Tailwind.
• How to promote repeating classes into re-usable components.

About Oliver Davies

Oliver Davies has been building websites since 2007, and speaking at meetups and conferences since 2012. He is a Full Stack Developer and an Acquia certified Drupal Grand Master, who also has experience with DevOps and systems administration as well as development with Symfony, Laravel, Sculpin and Vue.js.

@opdavies /