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A Timesavers Guide to the Command Line & WP-CLI will save your life

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A Timesavers Guide to the Command Line & WP-CLI will save your life


We are delighted to invite you along to our monthly WordPress meetup.

We meet from 7 pm and aim to get our first speaker underway at around 7.30 pm, this gives everyone enough time to arrive, get a drink and help themselves to the sandwiches provided. If you're a newcomer don't worry, we'll keep a friendly eye open for you and introduce you to the others so you'll feel welcome.

This evening will have 2 presentations each followed by questions. Between presentations, we'll take a short break followed by the closing remarks to finish the meetup. Things usually come to a close at around 9.45 pm but you will still have time to mingle and chat if you so wish.

Here's what's on the agenda...


  • 7.30pm
  • A Timesavers Guide to the Command Line
  • with Keith Hyde
  • Skill Level: Advanced

In this talk, I will be looking at various ways to shortcut your workflow. Saving time typing with handy shortcuts for the command line, such as scripts and aliases, emails, and everyday tasks. Leaving more time for problem solving and coffee drinking.

This talk will cover workflow and shortcuts on my Mac, introducing terminal, Alfred, Brew, ZSH/Oh My ZSH and shell scripting. While it focuses on Mac, most of the talk is applicable for anyone using or connecting to a Unix/Linux system as well.

By the end of this talk, you will be rushing to shortcut your life.

About Keith Hyde
Keith has worked for the UK based managed WordPress Host for over 16 years. During that time he has worked as a system administrator, technical support engineer and WordPress specialist. This has given him a unique and broad view of the industry, allowing him to offer support at various levels. As an avid geek, he enjoys computing, electronics, amateur radio, as well as the occasional DJ/Voiceover artist. You can find some of his writings on

@keithage ( /


  • 8:45pm
  • WP-CLI will save your life
  • with Tim Nash
  • Skill Level: Advanced

In 2019 some people still access their website and manage their day to day activities using a browser how quaint. In this talk Tim will show you how using WordPress via the command line will change the way you work, for developers and non-developers. The command line is not a scary place and so he will introduce you to common commands, before taking things up a notch, soon you will be managing plugins, posts and users effortlessly.

About Tim Nash
Tim is the WordPress Platform Lead & Developer advocate. He is responsible for the management of the WordPress platform and keeping thousands of sites running fast and staying secure. He is also known to give the odd talk here and there and when he can blog and appear randomly on Youtube. Tims own site is and he writes about everything from security to home automation with a healthy dose of WordPress and humor.

@tnash ( /

167 Bath Road · Cheltenham