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Why learn algorithms and data-structures ?
1) To not be constrained by the programming language for data-structure
2) Better hardware is not a solution
3) You’ll come across some very interesting, non intuitive ways of solving problems
4) Learn some interesting design paradigms
5) Understanding what’s behind the everyday tools..
6) It’s a Skill. Knowledge can be learned-along-the-way when a need arises but not Skills.
7) It's fun (I understand we can join in many other fun activities our friends do. so why the heck is this)
8) To get a job in tier-1 companies

It is essential to learn algorithm to become really a good developer rather than just a googler. Personally I always wanted to learn algorithms and become better programmer but didn't give enough time on it. In college days i had a course but didn't get the importance at that time. This group is for people like me who wants to study, practice, exchange thoughts and keep motivated.

It's better late than never! So lets get started !!

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