What we're about

This would be a group of individuals who have already learnt a bit of the elementary/beginners level italian and are interested in enhancing the capacity to speak italian fluently, by meeting and communicating. The facilities available in Chennai to learn italian language, are far less than those in the cities like NewDelhi, Mumbai or Kolkata. People who have learnt italian in Chennai city may not be many and that too, up to the level - III (as provided by the Institute at the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry). At this level also, speaking italian freely and fluently may not be possible. Reading, Writing and Speaking italian outside the class room are imperative needs to acquire a bit of conversational skill in the language. This meet up would give us the required opportunities to engage ourselves in good conversations, discussions and clearing of doubts about the grammatical intricacies of the language. Learning italian would certainly give us immense pleasure besides providing a base for understanding the cultural heritage of the language and its country. Richness and depth of such culture goes beyond practical use and geographical borders. Italian, a direct derivative of Latin, is a musical language, which would add rhythm to your routine. Let the conversations, discussions and exchange of ideas enrich our understanding of italian. Let us meet and improve our already acquired basic italian. The skills in italian would open up many avenues in the areas of communication, translation, placement, visits abroad and lucrative job opportunities in multi-national companies all over the world.

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