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If Writer Sujatha, Kalki, Balakumaran and the likes are your favorites,

If u wish to read and discuss about the good works in Tamil writing,

If u aspire to be like the above mentioned writers in Tamil,

Then you are in the right place.

It is true that most educated people in India, irrespective of their mother tongue read English novels/fiction etc regularly. But it is very sad to see most of them couldn't get a chance to read good works in their mother tongue. Hence, they never come to know about the treasure trove that existed in their regional language . which they missed.
I find a lot of people in Chennai, particularly, the young generation are interested in reading Tamil books. They are also curious to discuss about the good Tamil books they have read with others. There is a lot of good Tamil writing out there, most of which is still unknown to the young gen. This group is for anyone in Chennai who is interested in reading / writing Tamil books, novels, poems or any form of writing in Tamil. This is to encourage people to read more and good Tamil writing as well. This might be a good start for people who wanted to read a Tamil book for a long time but didn't get a chance. This can be a good platform for people who have read a lot of Tamil books and would want to share about the story / talk about good Tamil books which could increase the readership of Tamil among young gen. Voracious readers of Tamil books / writers / critics / people who want to share their reading experience of a Tamil book / those who wanted to read their first book in Tamil / anyone who is interested to know more about Tamil writing will be of great help to this group.
We could meet once in a fortnight. People can talk about the recent Tamil book they read. We can also share books among each other. People who write in Tamil can share their writings.. etc And then i hope it will naturally roll on from there. Hoping to meet eager souls :-)

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