What we're about

This is a group for all (men, women, YOUTH),age ABOVE 18+ YEARS

Why it is for all ? Because problem starts, right from birth for few, from teen age for many and for some at retirement age also. So most of us need help, guidance, support and counseling at some point of time in our life. So on some counts, we, most of us, are unlucky.

So WE (ALL) ARE UNLUCK PEOPLE ,in some situation, position and period of time.If you accept it, you can find a solution. If you don't accept it, you have to live with the problem.

If your EGO, lack of awareness, improper knowledge and misbelief works behind you, you will not agree that you are unlucky and even you may not be aware that you are unlucky.

This is a group of both LUCKY AND UNLUCKY People.

* If you think that you are LUCKY, then you can serve the unlucky people. And some lucky people can become even more luckier than before.This is also one possibility for lucky ones !!!

* If you feel that you are UNLUCKY, then this is the place, where you can get all necessary support, free of cost from lucky people.


IF YOU DECIDE TO BE A "SMARTEE" (member of this group), then grab this opportunity.!

Opportunity comes in life, very rarely. If you miss, you may be missing still a better life, that's going to come. You may be thinking at this moment "HOW and WHY"

Shortly, you are going to meet or get the contacts of service minded lucky people,who have necessary expertise, in areas, where you have problems, that too all for free.

This is a GROUP for a social cause of better citizen - better INDIA objective.

Normally, we are used to live with our problem, cursing our fate & destiny, until the problem is very bad. Then only we think of experts and counsellars. Instead, solving at an earlier stage is a better option. This group will do that, that too for free for all.

This is a place for wise and unwise, intelligent and dull, or any other class of real people. from our own society. EITHER YOU SERVE THE SOCIETY OR GET THE SERVICE FROM THE SOCIETY.

While registering, DO NOT HESITATE TO GIVE YOUR MOBILE NUMBER AND MAIL ID. Your contact details will be kept confidential. Still if you are afraid of revealing your contact details, while registering, You can mail your contact details to my personal email ID: chandraseharan@gmail.com

If you think that this group can do some good to you, DO NOT HESITATE TO JOIN.

Please come out of fear and prejudice . Reading this content and knowing about it, is not enough.

Everyone of us definitely need some support from others, Your own family members, relatives and friends are not enough to do that. In fact, they are not capable, in some areas like (Understanding "WHO I AM?) , mind related issues INGENUITY is unlimited.

It is available out side your circle of family and friends You will have a chance to meet many interesting, like mined people.



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