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November Meetup

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• Git From Scratch (20 min)

• Introduction to Asyncio (20 min)

• Networking Tea Break (30 min)

• Introduction to OpenCV (20 min)

• Lightning Talks (20 min)

• Discussions

Git From Scratch

Speaker: Vijay Kumar (

In this talk, we will discuss about Git's content model and branching model. And we will do it by building a Git like version control system from scratch. This talk is based on my previous talk at Chennaipy (July 2015). This time we will use pseudocode, instead of a real Python program.

Introduction to Asyncio

Speaker: Yogesh Dujodwala (

I'll start with an overview on why we need python Asyncio along with examples and explore the new keywords that are added to the python3 stdlib.

Introduction to OpenCV

Speaker: Mohanraj (

I will start with the Computer Vision Basics and Image Descriptors such Histogram of Oriented Gradients, Local Binary Pattern using OpenCV with python.

Speak at Chennaipy

If you are interested in doing a talk, please add a comment with the talk title and talk description.