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• Data Structures in Python (20 min)

• Obscure Python Implementations (20 min)

• Networking Tea Break (30 min)

• Slot #3 (20 min)

• Lightning Talks (20 min)

• Discussions (20 min)

Speak at Chennaipy

If you are interested in doing a talk (20 min), please add a comment to this event page, with your talk title and talk duration.

Data structures in Python

Speaker: Ashok Govindarajan (

In this talk, we will discuss the concept of data structures and some of the common properties. We will also look at a few sample programs in Python, which we will run during the session and analyse. The motivation of this talk would be to help us understand the need for data structures and what is responsible for the fast web-searchprovided by the google search engine.

Obscure Python Implementations

Speaker: Subil (

When people talk about using Python, they are usually referring to the most common *implementation* of Python - CPython. Some talk about using PyPy or Jython or IronPython. In this talk, I'd like to present some of the more obscure Python implementations, the ones that only very few might have heard about and also talk about their features and the reasons for which you might want to use them. Since I want to talk about the very obscure ones, I might talk about defunct implementations also. So for those cases it might not make sense to talk about good reasons to use them (beyond just playing around with them for fun).