January Meetup

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* Code for Change (20 min)
* Talk Slot 2 (20 min)
* Networking Tea Break (30 min)
* Talk Slot 3 (20 min)
* Lightning Talks

= Code for Change
Speaker: Makesh Gopalakrishnan

We all know tech is shaping every bit of our life experience. While the technocrats are busy building stuff, we still stare at huge problems around us every single day.

An ambulance struck at the traffic signal, people desperately searching for a blood donor, deserving people looking for someone to change their lives.

We talk about problems but seldom do we aspire to take a step towards solving them. There are various NGOs who still fight for causes but with great pain and little support.

Have we wondered as technocrats what if we started coding for change? A line of code might end up saving a life or making someone's life better.

Would you like to listen to how we spent over 5000 hours on creating impact? Do you think it might be the trigger point to be a change?

= Talk at Chennaipy

If you would like to do talk (20 min), please add a comment with your talk title and talk description.