March Meetup

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= Schedule
* Introduction
* LDPC using Python (20 minutes)
* Explainable AI with Python (20 minutes)
* Networking Tea Break (30 minutes)
* Tuberia (20 minutes)
* Lightning Talks (20 minutes)

= LDPC using Python

Speaker: Ashok

LDPC expanded as Low-density parity check is a form of Forward error correction code. It is used in 5G and WLAN [masked] ax). This is particularly useful when we want reliable communication in the presence of noise.

I will be demonstrating the above in the form of the Python code that we have developed. You may want to look up the following link for a brief intro: (abstract part only)

= Explainable AI with Python

Speaker: Dhanesh

The talk is about interpret-able machine learning models.And also about industry experience around it.


= Tuberia

Speaker: Arun Edwin

Tuberia means pipelines in Spanish, We always try to create massive data pipelines to transform data from one space to another. In this approach, we use BIGDATA tools like python, Spark and Cloud python to solve this problem. We will discuss some of the effective approaches and tools which are used to address the transformation problem.

= Talk at Chennaipy

If you are interested in doing a talk (20 min slot), please add a comment with your talk title and talk description.