April Meetup

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= Schedule
* Introduction (15 min)
* Casual Inference With Python (20 min)
* Fixing a security vulnerability in http.cookiejar (20 min)
* Networking Tea (30 min)
* A talk on how to give a talk (20 min)
* Lightning Talks (20 min)
* Discussion (20 min)

= Casual Inference With Python
Speaker: Dhanesh Kumar Kasinathan, Pramati Technologies.

Correlation is not causation is a common mantra in statistics and Machine learning. But in practice business clients wants more than this. They pay data science consultants for not only prediction models but also they want to understand whole story of cause and effect of their problem. In this talk, we will discuss ways of inferring causes from the dataset using Python


= Fixing a security vulnerability in http.cookiejar
Speaker: Karthikeyan Singaravelan, core triager and contributor to CPython.

* Analyzing a security report and triaging the issue.
* A walk through of the fix and backporting workflow for different versions.
* Stumbling upon an another security issue in cookiejar path validation during the fix process.
* Python 2.7 EoL and it's security after 2020. Why you should upgrade to Python 3.

References :
Domain check vulnerability : https://bugs.python.org/issue35121
Cookie path vulnerability : https://bugs.python.org/issue35647

= A talk on how to give a talk
Speaker: Naren

= Talk at Chennaipy
If you would like to do a talk, please add a comment to this event page with your talk title and talk description.