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Cherish - an All-Women, Embracing Sexuality Community

“Woman" is defined by you. We embrace all binary (trans/cis) & non-binary versions of woman, femme, and/or feminine of center. Welcoming YOU is our top priority.

Sexuality is often complicated for women in our society. We don’t have exclusive spaces for us to dialogue and share what it means for us. Historically, it has been used against us. We need our own spaces.

Cherish was created with YOU in mind. It is under the umbrella of San Antonio Embracing Sexuality, a Meetup that creates brave spaces for people to discover and reveal who they are & what they want.

What you can expect:
Monthly Cuddle Party for women & other gender minorities (workshop on consent, boundaries, and healthy, clear communication) Monthly convos highlighting our unique obstacles to a healthy sexuality Sexual health & reproduction informational classes to keep you safer and make you a better advocate for your body & life A community where it’s safe to discuss your sexual identity & experiences
Contact the Organizer, Janet Trevino, M.A.
I’d love to meet and talk with you about this group or any other related question you may have. Please set up a lunch with me OR text me. 210-532-0002
https://calendly.com/janettrevino210/saeslunch (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%253A%252F%252Fcalendly.com%252Fjanettrevino210%252Fsaeslunch%253Ffbclid%253DIwAR0bWC87tTTxGc6WOU5tZwYFpplhWSL_eAtqWa9ATuj6VfWyoKJhqMMydFw&h=AT2JDXQS8NbQo-XYRiWkHWq1e0JANisJL_4CgDZ2ghZWR1Edoa7rfLmFhz93bMvwdk25HK2XPTAc8ZW1gpbNploHBrgcEpSyGqxtJ_hIDAWzyuiZcEC89AAnvDzX4UtYq-xDLHsNCEPFqFFH2G1gti4oDH9aUrmuC5Q)

Janet Trevino's Sexual Agenda:
*We are all born sexual beings
*Sexuality begins with the exploration of our personal solo-pleasure
*We are responsible for our own sexual pleasure
*Our bodies deserve and ask for attention and exploration
*Ethical sexuality is honest, non-exploitative, and consensual
*Sexual Justice allows each person to decide what and how much they need/want to be in their sexual wholeness. They decide what works for them.
*In sexuality, there is no normal. You are your normal.
*At the same time, you are influenced by family, society, and cultural views on sexuality.
*Sexuality is sacred, honoring to self and to the other(s) present
*Sexual values over a lifetime may change with life experience and values re-evaluated

You’re welcome to join our larger group, San Antonio Embracing Sexuality bit.ly/SAsex (https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%253A%252F%252Fbit.ly%252FSAsex%253Ffbclid%253DIwAR1nkrTHZjIua0HAD8c_TZikTD5uRD-bzwC5ylxPF_uZWuoSDhLnDu17RGM&h=AT0_Yu3-eoqi4L3jjNsDOcZWhNDIx5EVFICyT8R-CWxcdKSC07aLAHUCE7o4XO5d8JWy8XHeERLz7z8Fy6F8gXlDWI0Dz_XXfDgac-BKN4YkzyrSWCaxGFxHeUde3HWsOF2rR4dBnoi4mglJT7To7MsOxRcRzKZeFXk) or not. It is not required to be in this group.

Group Inclusion Statement:
WE EMBRACE AND ACCEPT all gender minorities, making intentional space for binary women: trans/cis and non-binary (expressions and identity). We practice and welcome pronoun ownership/sensitivity, all sexual orientations (including asexuals/aromantics), recognize the presence of intersex persons, all races (being intentional to support people of color sexuality), all ages (allowing parents to guide their under 18 depending on topic), all socio-economic levels, people with disabilities (please contact me if you need accommodations), all educational levels, all relationship arrangements (mono/non-monogamous, poly, lifestyle, etc.), kinks/fetishes-honoring, all religious affiliations/spirituality practices/non-beliefs.

This group asks that each person is honest and responsible for their own life experiences and choices. We are not here to judge or condemn anyone. We encourage that each person plays/engages safely and responsibly in a consensual manner with all. This group is meant to be a safe space and will move in the direction that the participants need/desire.

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