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This Meetup is for the 40ish and up crowd who are interested in dining out on Saturday nights. Looking for friends, food and good conversation? You've found it all! We will also have occasional dinners on other nights of the week and periodic events other than dinner. This is a very relaxed and welcoming group, and newcomers shouldn't hesitate at all.

The group meets about once a month to have dinner at a local restaurant, usually the 3rd Saturday. Everyone pays for what they actually eat ... no worrying about who had drinks or dessert. There is usually one table bill that I split up according to who ordered what. It's easiest if you bring cash ($20s, a $10, a $5, and 5 - $1s let you make any combination you need), although the restaurants will usually cooperate if someone has a credit card. I only schedule a la carte dining ... no preset menu. What you choose is what you pay for.

It is my policy to schedule dinners in advance, but not to open RSVPs until the week prior to the dinner. This minimizes people who RSVP early, and cancel at the last minute. PLEASE use the waiting list and plan to attend. RSVPs do move a lot, especially the few days before dinner. And if there are only 1 or 2 people over, you should plan to attend anyway, because there is always someone who doesn't show up!

RSVPs will open on Sunday, 6 days prior to dinner, and will close at 4:00 pm on Friday, the day before dinner. After that time, only I can put people on the attendance list. You WILL NOT move up automatically. For those of you on the attendance list, please change your RSVP as soon as possible if you are not able to attend. For those of you on the waitlist, please send me your email and/or phone # in a PRIVATE message. Do not "reply" or "reply to all." I will contact you if a space becomes available and will only move you to the attendance list if you confirm your attendance. Again, you will not automatically move up after 4:00 pm Friday.

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Joe's Peking Duck House - CASH ONLY - note start time

Joe's Peking Duck House

Prospector's Grille & Saloon

Prospector's Steakhouse & Saloon

Michaelangelo's - BYOB

Michaelangelo's Italian Restaurant

Pop Shop in Medford

The Pop Shop Medford

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