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Persons who are searching for foods, spices, natural cures, the best herbs, and places to find them may find new hope from others who have a similar interest. We will be pleased to have medical people join this group if they wish to.

Even though we have been gathering large amounts of awesome knowledge to share, please feel free to share your own knowledge and resources, including foods, nutrition & special diets, spices, herbs, supplements, books and other resources that discuss traditional and alternative understandings of wellness, diseases or symptoms.

Let us know about an awesome person or place (exceptional doctors, hospitals, therapists, P.T.s, alternative practitioners, food sources, healthy restaurants). If you have learned of a new program known as a possible treatment for an illness or condition share that. Background information that you have should be included so your information can be cited and researched.

Our purpose is to pool knowledge, share resources, and whatever has worked for us. Not all of us are the same and some information my not be helpful for you. That is why we also hope to hear your questions regarding personal needs. What is not known at the meeting will be researched, and discussed at a future meeting.

We cannot diagnose or suggest to anyone that our research and experiences are the right answer for you. Only licensed medical practitioners can do that. But we can share what has worked for us to aid our own health and our conditions.

We CAN collectively increase our knowledge by sharing our personal experiences, understandings and resources.

No negative information should be shared. We know that doctors make mistakes, information can be misunderstood, and serious accidents are done. Please share those incidents with others outside of these meetings. The knowledge of miracles is allowed if it is personal or able to be found in research.

We all have our little corner of expertise from what we have read in books, or things that our grandmothers told us. You may bring books & resources, to help others to become more knowledgeable about the health benefits of nature's bounty.

Location: Cherry Hill, NJ.

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