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Join the Campers at Jug Bay for a Paddle and or Hike

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Join the Campers at Jug Bay for a Paddle or a Hike

(RSVPs for this event will open Monday, August 5th at 9:00 PM)

You DO NOT need to sign up for this paddle if you are already signed up for the camping trip. Campers are automatically invited to the Saturday and Sunday paddles.

There are at least a few of you who don't have the gear or the time to go camping this weekend but still might like to join in the festivities for the day.

Kimmie will paddle over and bring you all to the campsite. It's a relatively short one-two mile paddle from the put in to White Oak landing where we will be camping but hopefully we'll be up and fed and ready to have a few of you join us for the day's activities. The picture above shows the location of the campsite on Mataponi Creek which is only accessible by water. It's taken from an observation tower a short distance away that is a pretty nice hike to get some awesome views of the area surrounding Jug Bay.

We are going to try to break in to smaller groups for the day with various destinations. White Oak Landing is located on Mataponi Creek which has all sorts of neat places to explore as you paddle further back in when the tide is high. For those who want a bit more, it's a 12 mile round trip paddle to Spice Creek which is equally interesting. We will discuss all option on that day and everybody can choose which one(s) interest you the most.

We quite literally shooting from the hip without a real plan on this one but we think there will be a couple of options that everyone might enjoy.

There should be a few kayaks available to rent for $50, but you will need to check directly with Chuck to make special arrangements.


Kayaking involves known and unanticipated risks including physical injury and death that cannot be eliminated without jeopardizing the essential quality of the sport. Group organizers and leaders and other members cannot pay continuous attention to all participants. Participants must be responsible for their own safety. Don’t overestimate your skills and abilities. Take instructional courses to learn about paddling technique, safety, self rescue and hypothermia. Be aware of the tides, currents and weather conditions that will affect your safety on the days you paddle. Cooperate with group organizers, leaders and other members to insure your own safety as well as the safety of others and make it the fun, enjoyable day on the water it should be.