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As of today, March 27, this site under "New management"! It also expired, so I took it over before it got zapped at midnight. I joined last yr but think only one event before Covid ("The Cooties") closed most groups. Well for now we can still do the precautions but it's time to get back on with life! So yes, the basic premise was fine, although may change the name if possible - I have several people from other meetups who sounded interested, but they were hesitant because of the name. I joined last summer, but only one event I think before it just went dormant. Some people thought it sounded like a swingers group so were hesitant. Dont know if it was, but since it didnt seem to do anything, maybe we need a different image!

This is for single adults, about 40 and up. No hard and fast rules, except, single. Not intended for a date site, but since everyone should be single, and come on, face it - most single people join these groups that ARE single, well yes, if nothing else to make friends with anyone in here - but, if two people are unattached and find an attraction, thats absolutely fine! As long as everyone's respectful and well mannered, then ok! W Everyone should either be immune because they've already had it, or by May 1 have had the shots. We can't keep living under our beds forever! Events? Well sometime going to a restaurant with 9 other people and having to sit down to a dinner can be fun, or play board games and things and hey, that can be fun - just not all the time! We mostly Iwant to have events where people can mingle, socialize, meet others, and hard to do that when you're seated at a long table the whole time. Y-not Wednesday is SUPPOSED to be back on this summer. If so, a standing event each week there. Also, lots of things at the beachfront, town center, norfolk, all around, but mostly, in the southside area!

I could use a couple of people to help organize and host events. Please contact me if interested!

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End of season cookout at Keith’s !

5473 Shore Dr

Ynot Wednesday.

Sandler center outdoor plaza

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