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The Tidewater Wellness meetup group Began in December of 2018. We are a new meetup group with an interest in life. What does that mean? From diet to exercise to holistic living, we have our hands in anything to create a soul blessing in your life. Some examples of meetups we have already created include spin, classes book club, social hour, and yoga. We plan to add new areas of interest this coming month such as rock climbing, ice skating, dancing, and a goal for the group of a half marathon on Sept 1, 2019. As we attract like minded individuals like yourself, our goal is to make everyone feel part of something special no matter what fitness level and what stage of life. Please click now to join.

Group outings include: yoga, spin, outdoor running, hiking, beach time, nights out, book clubs, and more.

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Upcoming events (5+)

Indoor Rock Climbing Gym (Any level)

Virginia Beach Indoor Rock Climbing Gym

I've gone here with a skilled co-worker who taught me a few things. He'll be going out there on Wednesday and thought I would throw an invite out. If you've never done don't worry about it! It's fun, safe, and they have 'boulders' that aren't high but are used to practice on. The fastest thing that will fade is your forearm grip and then you can pretty much call it a day, lol. The prices are cheap (~ $8). And people there aren't intimidating. They're pretty laid back. Come on out if your bored!

Saturday run/walk/jog

Chesapeake City Park

Running shoes and water! We will meet at section C Gazebo. It is near the dog park. We will leave promptly at 10 am.

A Course in Miracles. A heart healing course.

Edgar Cayce's A.R.E. HQ Visitor Center

This book has changed my life. I turned my frown upside down. Join me, Tom, and the rest of the group for an hour and a half discussion of the book, “A course in miracles.” [masked]

Bright Line Eating

Juice Bar 80/20

I admit it, I am addicted to sugar. What I’m grateful for is that I have this book to refer back to. I have been fighting the battle against sugar since I was s kid but when I found the philosophies in this book, my life started to change. I would like to share it with you. I recommend you read the whole thing. It took me a few try’s to get through it, but that’s why there is the book club. Join me to discuss the cognitive issues that sugar can cause. Don’t worry you can still eat a cookie! 😃 I do on occasion. Cassandra[masked] with any questions.

Past events (7)

Cycle Bar part tres #spinwithVal

Cycle Bar

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