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Our new CPA Group @chess.com (http://www.chess.com/groups/home/chess-players-anonymous-boston-meetup)

Chess is awesome, learn it, play it!

Chess is an incredible game...but with all the smartphones, Xboxes, iPads, and iPods out there, it sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. In fact, games don't have to be played in high def or with high-tech controllers to be fully engaging. Chess is one of those games.

With a simple board and 32 pieces, chess continues to captivate amateurs and grandmasters alike. All you need is a basic knowledge of how the pieces move, a fair amount of concentration and insight and you have become a viable chess player.

CPA is about reenergizing our passion for chess and having lots of fun in the process.

CPA is meant to be an aggregation of chess players throughout the Boston/Cambridge throughout New England area who probably do many other things but still maintain a passion for chess.

On a bi-weekly basis, members will come together to challenge each other to friendly chess matches and conversation. Tournaments will be organized as membership allows.

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Free!!! Chess Coach Class
Needs a date and time

Giant Bug Education

For absolute beginners or those trying to improve their already working game.

If you are a wonderful player and have ethics on board and can teach interestingly, please contact me. You can help out a great deal.

As per requests: this class starts soon

If you have never seen a Chess set before or have never touched one, here is your excellent chance to start playing with the aim of beating me. Yes, you will have an aim/purpose/destination while playing this great game.

It is not late to pick up this intriguing sport/science. Improve your memory, repair your intellectual abilities, meet new and fantastic people....

You will learn so many virtues: patience, long-suffering, perspicuity, charity, large-heartedness, courage, nobleness, recollection, meditation, mitigated fist-slamming-on-table, calmness, self-control...


Large semi-rectangular conference table , with projector on one end.

About 14 Seats...

Casual but direct-to-the-point atmosphere.


1. Get quick theory/principles - as useless as theory may seem, theory rules the world, and the board of Chess. Start simple...

2. Play on a standard Chess set with no homemade rules - practice here is what makes perfect. Start playing...

3. Learn the Value of Pieces and their Co-ordination - Special Forces Tactical approach.

4. State your main difficulty in Planning - and overcome it.

5. Watch/Read Some Games of the Masters - learn by imitating.

6. You Will Get to Teach Basic Chess Principles - as a proof you understand them.

7. Be awesome! - this is rather easy to do in Chess.

8. Self Introduction - I guess we have to come to this at some point, if and when the fun ever finishes.

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Factory Hill Park

Factory Hill Park

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