Getting Unstuck and Getting Clear with Linda Anderson, ADHD Coach

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Do you ever get lost or live in a fog?
Do you procrastinate, lose track of time or have memory problems?
Do you need to do things perfectly or not at all? Do you avoid paperwork and assignments?
There are different ways that ADHD brains get stuck. If you have ADHD,
you know all about these challenges— rumination, perfecting, avoiding, and being overwhelmed. We call them neuron crashes, which leave you stuck in place kicking yourself, either moving in circles or blanketed in a fog of inaction. Together, we’ll focus on these challenges and work on getting unstuck.

Ms. Anderson will share insight and wisdom, gained from 20+ years of coaching clients with ADHD, and offer tools to help you move out of being stuck and into action. This will be an opportunity for you to share some of your own hard- earned wisdom about getting out of procrastination crashes. Bring your expertise and your questions.

Linda Anderson is a nationally recognized ADHD coach and is the owner of Getting Clear Coaching.