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CryptOasis - Consensus Series
The Consensus Series involves focus on the root basis of all DLT (distributed ledger technologies) - the consensus protocol. We'll discuss Proofs of Work, Proofs of Stake, Hybrid Proofs, Proofs of Space, Time, Capacity, Activity, Retrieval, Brain, and various other creative consensus proofs. We can include a look the Tangle, the R3, the Hyperledger, cross-chain consensus, latticed Blockchain structures, and off-chain transaction consensus for the Lightning Network. If this all sounds like Greek to you, don't be intimidated. This meetup is for you, dear Blockchain-curious learner. Through all this tech-jargon gobledy-gook, we'll translate it to plain English and clarify exactly why this all matters, and how you can benefit from knowing about it. Really. Plain English ... I promise. There are many opportunities presenting themselves through this family of technologies (categorically: DLTs). The key to accessing those opportunities comes in the form of understanding their utility. Nobody learns everything all at once. That's why we have a series. It's interactive, and we'll recommend some relevant learning resources customized to your unique position on the learning curve. Please join us. Vagabond offers a fantastic venue and an excellent menu. They serve food for the body, we'll provide the food for thought. Cheers


1129 Olympic Way SE · Calgary, AB