Weekend Game Night featuring Museum


Optional: bring a beverage for yourself and/or a snack to share with the group. No children, please!

Click here for a game overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GBc9qMKxlc

Museum is a set collection game where you play as a curator seeking to gain fame and fortune by amassing the most impressive and extensive displays for your galleries. Set in the 1900’s , the game is all about the golden age of museums, when worldwide travel was becoming a reality and demand for exotic displays of objects from faraway lands was high.

To place an artifact from your hand into your Museum’s galleries, it must be paid for with one or several cards of equal or higher value, which are put into your discard pile. Think of your discard pile as your Museum’s warehouse – any artifact placed there is in your possession but has not been displayed yet. However, this means that other players can come and take it for their own collections, so beware!

Each artifact card has a value that represents the number of points you gain by adding it to your galleries. To gain even more points, you can create collections by positioning cards adjacent to one another on your player board, much like in a real museum. Collections can be based on one of the twelve different civilizations in the game, or on the 6 different archaeological domains, so combine your cards creatively to get the highest score!

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