What we're about

This is a safe place where people of different cultures and countries can talk about what divides us and how we can come together to resolve differences and build a world we all share. Change the world (for the better) one conversation at a time through deep listening and reflection.

There are two major issues that need to be discussed. First is the environmental crisis. The Oil based economy, its role in climate change, pollution, use of plastics, and the petrochemical industry are simply bad for the environment. Likewise, nuclear technology in the form of nuclear power and weapons, both of which are dangerous. We need to stop extracting from the Earth.

Second is War. Millions of people are killed, injured or exiled because of military adventures. Plus, as happened in the past, a New Cold War between the West and Russia and China could lead to life ending Nuclear War. In the past, citizen awareness and action forced world leaders to come to the table and negotiate agreements that reduced the likelihood of such a war. Nowadays, many people say, "Oh the leaders don't listen to us anyway". That is what they want us to think. Enough public awareness and action can turn the march towards war around. Think Peace through understanding. That means face to face discussion, dialogue. Join us.

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