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Welcome, ASMR enthusiasts! You've seen the videos on YouTube, now experience tingles in real life!

We are so excited to united members of the ASMR community, both ASMR Artists and fans. We are a passionate, creative group of people, and it's about time we all come together!

In case you aren't aware, ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, and it's the pleasant, tingly sensation some people get when hearing certain sounds or watching certain movements. The "tingles" can start at the crown of the head, travel down the neck & spine, and reach the limbs. People watch videos on YouTube to elicit the "tingles" and to feel relaxed and de-stress from their day. These videos can also help with insomnia, depression, PTSD, and chronic pain!

We will be offerings live ASMR events, discussions, workshops, and parties- everything to cultivate the camaraderie between community members! Are you new to ASMR? We invite you with open arms! Please discover what all the fuss is about and find a new level of relaxation & bliss!

We look forward to meeting up with each and every one of you. Let's spread the ASMR good vibes!

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