What we're about

This is a hands on group about building AI that runs on low cost edge devices, cloud optional.

It's about making useful products that learn and act by using the data around them.

So computer vision will be a major topic in the group; both traditional and deep learning based.

Processing audio(voice), signal, and sensor data is also a large part of this.

Doing the machine learning with deep learning frameworks(TensorFlow, Caffe, Theano, Torch, etc) have become a large part of this.

This is not an IOT group, but it will be natural to talk about training and inference in the cloud.

Using embedded processors is a given also well as acceleration (GPU, FPGA, DSP/VPU/TPU, etc)


This tech is becoming much more accessible, both in ease and cost. This is not a beginner group, but in the same token you don’t have to be an expert to join! Members have all different backgrounds and motivations for coming.


If you have a preferred time, venue, and topic let me know. We plan on doing a bunch of small focused meetups to cater to different levels and areas of interest.

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