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Are you interested in Astrology or other esoteric arts but are overwhelmed by the amount of information out there? Would you like some guidance on where to start, or how to continue your studies? This meetup is for you! I want to bring together folks who are interested in learning and/or are currently studying Astrology or anything esoteric, to learn and grow from your peers. I have found that the community opportunities for Astrologers in Chicago proper are few, and I'd love to provide a space where aspiring Astrologers can get together and learn about reading natal charts. I am hoping for each meeting to have a learning component and a reading component. So we will learn a new aspect of reading natal charts and then put it to practice. Most of these meetings will be classes, but there will be social events from time to time.

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What are Oracle Cards and How Do You Use Them? - Online Class

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We are all likely familiar with the system that created Tarot cards as we know it. We may be less familiar with the origins of Oracle decks, what they are and how to use them. There are a wide variety of Oracle decks, each with their own aesthetic and each with their own set of rules. Generally speaking Oracle decks are great at giving us a big picture understanding of our situations. As such, Oracle decks depend a lot more on our intuitive abilities to glean meaning from their images. In this class we will cover the main differences between Oracle decks and Tarot decks, and how and when oracle decks should be used. At the end of class we will practice using our Oracle decks in readings that we give each other. This class is $20. We will be using Oracle decks at the end of class for practice readings, so feel free to purchase an Oracle deck previous to class if you don't have one already. If you need help purchasing one, or would like to support a local bookstore with your purchase, contact Alchemy Arts. They have a great variety of Oracle decks, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. See you there!

Luck, Skills and Opportunity: Jupiter, Sagittarius & the 9th House - Online!

What are your natural skills and talents? Where, in your chart, are you most lucky? What are your personal philosophies? The placements of Jupiter, Sagittarius and the 9th house can tell us a lot about these subjects. This class will cover the basics of the 3 elements that we'll be talking about (House, Sign and Planet), and will also talk a little bit about how to use the transiting energy of Jupiter. This class is $10. Please pull your printed natal chart up on Astro.com so that we can look at your personal Jupiter, Sagittarius and the 9th house placements, and can talk about where transiting Jupiter is affecting you, personally. If you have trouble pulling it up, let me know and I'll give you a hand. See you there!

Beginners Astrology: Exploring the Interpersonal Houses: 7 - 12

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The Houses are the final building block of the natal chart. The natal houses contextualize our experiences. Where in our lives do we like to assert ourselves? Where in our lives do we prefer our interactions to take place? What's the best career path for us? All of those questions can be answered by looking at the natal chart houses. In this class we will discuss each house in detail, and how they are linked to the planets and the signs. In this iteration, we'll specifically be exploring the public houses: Houses 7 - 12. These houses describe how you relate to how you interact with the public spheres of life. This class will be $20 and will take place online. Please pull your natal chart up on astro.com (for free) before class, and get ready to unlock one more mystery of interpreting charts! See you there!

Tarot Study Group - Saturday Group

Alchemy Arts


Hi All! This is the weekend option for the monthly Witch City Tarot Group. I'll have Gail as the host for this, as she is running this Meet. Here's the text from their original MeetUp post: Remember when you used to get together with buddies in school to bring all your notes together to study? Well that's what this group is! Bring all your notes, experiences, inexperience, and insight to the table as we all explore and study TAROT CARDS! Open to ANY skill level and completely non-scary. The class is part discussion, part practice. We spend half the night studying a lesson, exercise, or spread from a book, and the other half doing a deep dive study into a specific Tarot Card. Bring a deck if you have one, WE WILL HAVE EXTRAS ON HAND! P.S. The charge for this meetup is $10 so that we can offer some support to Alchemy Arts for giving us space, as well as to help us provide snacks, print-outs, and also help toward funding future witchy fun! Please donate the full amount if you are able but email me if there is an issue as we do not want you to miss out :)

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Practice Readings - Online!

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