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Trivia at Michael Diversey's

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Last minute venue change!

Trivia at Trinity has been cancelled. We'll be playing at Michael Diversey's instead this evening. They just switched to the Geeks Who Drink format (

The quiz consists of eight rounds of eight questions each, played by teams of up to six people. Questions are read aloud by the quizmaster and teams write down the answers, turning them in at the end of each round.

Rounds 1, 4 and 6 are themed rounds – anything from “Eight Questions About Sex That Won’t Make You Too Uncomfortable” to “TV Shows Your Parents Watch.” Round 2 is a music round worth double points: name the artist and title for each song clip. Round 3 is a multiple choice round or a speed round. Round 5 is a visual round based on a printed handout. The all-audio Round 7 usually covers movies or TV shows, and is worth the standard eight points. Finally, Round 8 is always 16 points on Random Knowledge.

One round can be jokered, doubling your points for that round only (yes, the 16-point rounds are fair game). The team with the most points after eight rounds is the winner.

Info about the venue:

We'll most likely be set up at the back of the bar. The hostess can point you in our direction or just look for a large group of people standing around talking.

See y'all there!

- Nick