What we're about

This group is for anyone Interested in learning about Bitcoin or other Crypto mining

- If you want to discuss current news related to Bitcoin or other Crypto mining
- If you want to give a presentation about Cryptocurrency or crypto mining related topics

All skill levels from the mining-curious and hobby miners to large and public mining operators are welcome.

Because the cryptocurrency space moves so fast, the best and latest information isn't going to be found online.
You are going to have to get to know other miners.

We started this group to meet other mining enthusiasts, looking learn the best ways to optimize mining operations.

We look forward to mining blockchains with you.

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No Energy = No Crypto, Learn about how energy is a key factor for crypto mining

A car engine requires oil, a plant requires water & humans require food. Without one, the other is not able to function. The same relationship applies to crypto mining and energy. In order to run a mining rig you will need energy to operate it. Join us for an in-depth conversation about the importance of a reliable energy source and how it can make or brake your mining operation. We will also be introducing techniques that utilize renewable energies, to help cut down on operating costs. There will be pizza and soft drinks available, so join us for food, friends and networking. Itinerary 6:00pm // Doors open 6:00-6:30pm // Networking 6:30-7:30pm // Energy Discussion 7:30-8:00pm // Networking NOTE: Be sure to arrive before 6pm because the buildings doors lock by then. Please join us at https://t.me/ChicagoCryptoMiners to keep the conversation going

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