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This Chicago Board Game Challenge is meant to generate engaging competition to members' favorite games. There are currently four categories: Challenge (The original), Tournament, Connoisseur, and Series.


The Challenge will be held on the first Saturday of every month. Entrance fee will be $5. Each participant will receive at least a $5 gift card. 1st and 2nd place receive an additional gift card. Games that are played will typically play in under 90 minutes. Each Challenge will have at least three rounds and a modified Swiss-style will be used for seating during the event. The games will generally be easy enough to learn in less than 15 minutes. Participants are not expected to know the game before the events. Sample games include: Ticket to Ride, Small World, Splendor, Acquire, and Dominion.

Participants should expect a Challenge to be between three and five hours in length.


Tournaments will be special events where participants are expected to know the game before the event. The games may be longer in length and participants should expect serious level of play. These events may have a very different structure from the Challenge. Entrance fee may be higher; everyone may not expect to receive a gift card or other items; players may expect to bring their own copies of the games; events may even go to two day events; player elimination might be possible as well. Games could be from the Challenge category, but may also be games such as Agricola, Diplomacy, Friedrich, Andean Abyss, Indonesia, Steam, Age of Steam, Through the Ages and many other longer games.

Past events (87)

Dominion Challenge

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Bohnanza Challenge

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Formula D/de (Season 2) - Magny-Cours 2018-2019

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Sid Meier's Civilization: A New Dawn

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