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After two of the most important and popular games to have come out in the past ten years in the gaming industry, the Board Game Challenge goes to the "Cult of the New" with Splendor for the month of December.

Come play in Monthly Board Game Challenge Meetup at Cat and Mouse's West Loop location! We will play Marc André's Splendor (BGG link ( The tournament will have a $5 entrance fee that will go toward prize support and include a $5 Cat and Mouse gift card for each participant.

We will be teaching or refreshing your knowledge of the rules at 1pm and the first round will begin at 1:30pm. Please be at the store by 1:15pm so we can start at 1:30pm. We will have five rounds in a modified Swiss format.

If you have a copy of the game please bring it. Depending on turn out, we may additional copies of the game.

Please join us for some friendly competition of this fantastic game.

Tournament Rules:

Game system:
We will be playing Splendor in this tournament.

Number of Rounds:
The tournament will consist of five rounds. A score will be given to each participant based on his or her rank and each score will be assessed to the average score for that game.

For the first round, seating will be determined via each member's ELO ranking; all new competitors will receive a provisional score of 1200. Every round after the first round, the players will be seated and ordered according to their ranking from the previous rounds’ results. We will make every effort to have the same number of players at each board from round to round. In the event that we have to have an uneven number of players at each table, the tables with the highest ranked players will have the larger number of players.

Tournament Disputes:
In the case of a dispute, the tournament organizer’s decision is final. Please bring any concerns to the tournament organizer at the moment of a rule dispute.

The scores for each game will be tallied and confirmed upon each game’s completion. The participants of each game will authenticate the results by signing the score card and the Tournament Organizer will sign each score card as well. All competitors may review all score cards.

1. For each game, each participant will receive points for his or her position at the end of the game at the following values:

In a three-player game:
1st: 12 points
2nd: 4 points
3rd: 0 points

In a four-player game:
1st: 12 points
2nd: 6 points
3rd: 2 points
4th: 0 points

2. In the case of a tie still existing, the two or more players tied will be assessed given a cumulative system. The system follows this methodology:

To calculate this, sum the running score for each round. For example, if a player has (in order) a win, loss, win, draw, and a loss; his round-by-round score will be 1, 1, 2, 2½, 2½. The sum of these numbers is 9. This system places more weight on games won in the early rounds and the least weight on games won in the final rounds. The rationale for this system is that a player who scored well early in the tournament has most likely faced tougher opponents in later rounds and should therefore be favored over a player who scored poorly in the start before subsequently scoring points against weaker opponents. (From Wikipedia:

3: In the rare case of a tie still existing, the two or more players tied will be assessed as to how each ranked in the most recent game played that they participated in against each other.

4. In the very rare case of a tie still existing, the player with the highest percentage of points scored out of total points in the games each played will be ranked higher.

5: In the nearly impossible rare case of a tie, a tie-breaker match will be played if this would be in the finale round of the tournament. Otherwise, if this is for seating in the next round, the tournament director will rank the players according to their ELO rating in the Board Game Challenge. If still tied, the tournament director will randomly place each player in a position.