2017 - Dominion Chicago League (Session A)

This is a past event

13 people went

Price: $6.00 /per person

Emporium Arcade

2363 North Milwaukee Ave. · Chicago, IL

How to find us

We will be at the Emporium Arcade for this event. You should easily be able to find us in the front area.

Location image of event venue


NOTE: You do NOT need to sign up for both Sunday and THIS event. You may sign up for one.

The challenge brought a League over four months of Terra Mystica (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/120677/terra-mystica) from April through July. We had a great time exploring this game over a four month period with over twenty plays of the game. We are going to go with an easier game for the next league, Dominon (Do I really need to add a link?). We will be running a similar format with multiple sessions over a four month period with some modification that we have learned from the first League.

We will be hosting a number of sessions over a period of four months with a final champion "crowned" at the end of the season. We are planning on having multiple opportunities for players to play to become champion (We hope to have at least three sessions per month). Each session will provide the players to compete in multiple games. Due to the "League Play," players can join the competition later in as a session or even later in the season. Initial table set up will be determined via the ELO rankings of the Challenges. We will target tables to have an even number of players in the rounds as much as possible. As the League continues, we may devise lower or higher player counts for future rounds.

If you are interested in this event but cannot attend the first session, please contact me. Maybe even say yes to the event for now! We can try to add another date and time to have another session in the same week. We want as many gamers given the opportunity to join this League!

Read on to learn more about this event.

Tournament Rules:

Game system:
We will play Dominion with expansions.

Entry Fee:
$6 (Unlike the Boardgame Challenge, the participants will NOT receive a Gift Card for participation.) for three games. We are still determining the final structure for the League but will have a system that will be clear at the first event.

ELO Rankings will determine the very first round of the tournament. The second round will seat players as they rank. Ties will be determined via total VP points. Ties after that will be determined by how each player ranked in a prior game they played. If they have not played, there will be a random method for determining player order. After the first round, the top players throughout the series will play each other, then next players will play at the next table and so forth.

Number of Rounds:
For the entire event, we anticipate that each player should play at least ten games in the four month period. There will be a final championship sessoion as well with the top players. All players who are within 20 points of the top point average point scorer will qualify or the top four players whichever (The minimum number of playoff participants will be four, but could be more.).

Each player should have ample opportunity to get ten games in. For every game you play over ten games, you will earn 7 points to that game. This will encourage participants to play more than ten games! We hope to have at least three games per event.

Championship seeding will be by the results of the regular season.

Individual Turn Rules:
Once an action is stated, the action cannot be taken back. Also, we may be using timers, especially if games go too long, then the Tournament Committee will have the discretion to put players on timers.

Tournament Disputes:
In the case of a dispute, the Tournament Committee’s decision is final. Please bring any concerns to the tournament judges at the moment of a rule dispute. There will be at least two judges at each event who will be designated before each event begins. Each player should bring a rulebook if he or she anticipates arguing a rule.

The prize pool will be a percentage based on the number of participants. Also, a portion of the prize pool will be dedicated to the championship game.

Each game's Prize Pool breakdown as follows:

Championship points and prize breakdown:

In a two-player game:
1st: 100 points (83.33%)
2nd: 0 points

In a three-player game:
1st: 100 points (66.6%)
2nd: 33 points (16.6%)
3rd: 0 points

In a four-player game:
1st: 100 points (75%)
2nd: 51 points (12.5%)
3rd: 19 points
4th: 0 points

In a five-player game:
1st: 100 points (70%)
2nd: 61 points (10%)
3rd: 33 points
4th: 13 points
5th:0 points

The Championship purse will be divided as follows:

Top ranked player will earn 35% of the prize pool

For championship playoffs the pool will be divided as follows.:

1st: 35%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 10%

Final Thoughts:
While this event will be more "serious" in nature, our goal is to have fun. Please keep this in mind while competing for the prize!