The Many Variants of Variant


Variant is a discriminated union. It has been in Boost since 2004. A different variant has been added to C++17. What makes it so hard and
controversial to design variant? This talk will explore the various goals, considerations and tradeoffs the C++ Committee made for std::variant. The audience will also participate in brainstorming to see if their design would have gone in a different direction.

About the speaker:

Back when Nevin Liber was working at Bell Labs in Naperville, a friend of his from Apple called him and asked “What do you know about C++? You folks invented it!” That was enough to get a relatively shy junior engineer to go find the local expert so he could go play with it, and the rest is history!

Nevin has worked in C++ across various industries and platforms (low-latency, operating systems, embedded and telephony, just to name a few). He has also been a C++ Committee member since 2010 and hosted both the C++ and C standards meetings here in Chicago in 2013.


No food or drinks is planned for the event. Please bring your own food and chat with others from 6:00pm to 6:30pm in the dinning area of TechNexus.


And we are back to the 12th floor Room CD.