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Panel of C++ committee members discussing the San Diego WG21 meeting. Participants are Dr. Walter E. Brown, Robert Douglas, Hal Finkel, Nevin Liber, Barry Revzin, and Rene Rivera to be moderated by Matt Godbolt

We get to hear from the rather numerous C++ Standards Committee fellow programmers that attended the most recent WG21 Stadards meeting in San Diego. Ask them what happened, why it happened, and of course when are we getting all the good stuff.

Meeting space and food is being generously provided by IMC. Note that because of security restrictions people will need to prive full names in Meetup that match a picture ID to be allowed entry. Hence we will be unregistering people who do not have a full name in Meetup.

Note that we do not allow recording of meetings, and to stay in the area of the meeting, for security considerations of the companies providing the meeting space.

Food will be available at the start of the meeting, and the talking should start at 6:30pm.