35 Years of Teaching C and C++

Chicago C/C++ Users Group
Chicago C/C++ Users Group
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Thursday, January 23, 2020
11:59 PM
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Most of the members of our group are programmers,
or looking to become programmers, but it is
possible to earn a living from C and C++ in other

Jay F. Shachter (the Organizer of the Chicago
C/C++ Users' Group, unless someone else wants the
job), has derived most of his income for the past
35 years as a trainer of programmers and system
administrators (although he has also worked as a
programmer and system administrator himself).
Jay will start off the new year with a talk about
his 35 years of experience teaching C and C++.
This will not be a PowerPoint presentation, just
a telling of stories, without visual aids, ending
with some observations on the long-term trends in
the industry.

(Please note that the RSVP period for this event
will end on Thursday night, January 23, because
our host will need to give to the security
guards, a few days in advance, a list of people
who should be admitted to the building.)