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Meetings Without Beer

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It has been almost a year since the
Chicago C/C++ Users' Group has had a
meeting. That is because, for most of the
past year, in-person meetings of the size
that we tend to have, have been banned;
and for all we know, it may be another
year before the ban is lifted. So we are
going to start having on-line meetings.
Yes, it is unsatisfying to have meetings
without pizza, without beer, without the
mingling with a hundred colleagues, saying
hello to old friends, and making new
business contacts -- but, for the time
being, on-line meetings are the best we
can do. Our first on-line event will be
at 7pm, Thursday evening, February 18.
The title of the talk is "Conan Package
Manager for C++ in Practice". Here is a
synopsis of the talk:

The Conan package manager for C++ is
useful in both simple and advanced
development environments. Join the Conan
team to see it in action, with a simple
demo using OSS libraries and tools from
ConanCenter, and a more complete demo
showing how to create and upload a package
including different binaries for different
platforms to a private repository. Also,
learn about many other unique and
innovative advanced Conan features along
the way.

and here is some information about the

Jerry Wiltse is a Senior Software Engineer
of the Conan development team, and has
been dedicated to build engineering for C
and C++ since 2016. He is an avid
open-source enthusiast but also deeply
focused on enterprise development
environments. He is also the narrator and
creator of the Conan learning track on the
JFrog Academy.

Although we do not have to give a list of
attendees to a building guard, because it
is a virtual event, please use
to RSVP for the event if you plan to
attend, so we will have an idea of how
many of our members are interested in
having these on-line events.

You will have to register in advance at
and when your registration is confirmed,
you will be given the URL for the videoconference.
If you have any problems with the registration,
please contact me at
Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you on-line
on the evening of the 18th.

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